How easy is it to set up?  It’s really simple, just slide your ipad into the holder, turn on your camera and enable wifi control, select the camera wifi on your ipad, and raise the mast while locking the sections.

How do the sections lock?  Each section has an aluminum cam-lock lever that clamps the section securely when extended.

How do I aim it?  You simply tilt the mast forward / aft or pan by rotating it left and right to keep the action centered in the display. The free app allows you to control zoom, start and stop recordings, and switch to photo mode.

How much does it weigh?  It weighs about 8 pounds with camera and ipad included.

What are the dimensions?   The pole is 70” retracted and approximately 21’ extended.

Why not use a longer pole?  Because a longer pole becomes more difficult to control and limits usability. 21 feet is the sweet spot for usability, capability, and convenience.

Can I use any camera?  Yes, there are many cameras on the market that offer wifi control, however our research has proven the Sony App to be the easiest to use.

How long does that battery last?  The Sony camera battery lasts for approximately 2.5 hours of continuous use.

Do I need to hold the pole the entire time?  No. there is a waist strap included that allows you to be hands free now and then. You only need to hold the pole when recording.

Can the Coach cam support an SLR camera ?  Yes, the pole and the gimble can support the weight of most SLRs.

Why order the Coach Cam?  Because it’s a great combination of engineering, usability and value.